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Investigaciones en curso

Ensayo de ejercicio y estilo de vida (TEAL) para sobrevivientes de cáncer de ovario

  • Dra. Tracy Crane y Dra. Melinda Irwin, (MPI)

  • Universidad de Miami y Universidad de Yale

  • Este es un estudio patrocinado por el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer para sobrevivientes de cáncer de ovario recién diagnosticadas en la Universidad de Miami y la Universidad de Yale. Muchas pacientes con cáncer de ovario que se someten a quimioterapia experimentan síntomas debido a las toxicidad de la quimioterapia que pueden provocar una disminución o un retraso en los tratamientos. Este estudio explorará los efectos de un programa de ejercicio y nutrición de 18 semanas durante el tratamiento para mejorar la adherencia a la quimioterapia y la calidad de vida.

  • Estado de reclutamiento: se prevé que el reclutamiento de participantes comience en septiembre de 2022

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Lifestyle Interventions of Food and Exercise for Lymphoma Survivors


This is a study for newly diagnosed lymphoma cancer patients at the University of Miami. This work is support by the V Foundation for Cancer Research. This study will explore whether a healthy diet and increased physical activity can improve outcomes from treatment, including reducing side effects from chemotherapy and improving well-being and quality of life.

  • Tracy Crane, PhD, RDN (MPI) and Craig Moskowitz, MD (MPI)

  • University of Miami

  • Recruitment Status: Active

  • Clinical Trials Registration: NCT05839210

Precision Oncology Interventions in Nutrition and Training (OnPOINT)


This is study is funded by the Applebaum Foundation for breast, prostate, and colorectal cancer survivors at the University of Miami. This study will explore if a tailored intervention on diet and physical activity can improve adherence to the current recommendations and improve quality of life, physical function, nutrition, and body composition. It is an 8-week program and participants are placed based in one of three groups based on their complexity needs.

  • Tracy Crane, PhD, RDN (MPI)

  • University of Miami

  • Recruitment Status: Anticipated August 2023

  • Clinical Trials Registration: Pending

OnPoint LOGO_edited.png

Prolonged Overnight Fasting and/or Exercise on Fatigue and Other Patient Reported Outcomes in Women with Hormone Receptor Positive Advanced Breast Cancer 


This is a National Cancer Institute-sponsored study to explore the effect of fasting, exercise, or a combination of fasting and exercise, on fatigue in women with metastatic breast cancer. Additional outcomes will explore biomarkers of inflammation, quality of life, treatment toxicities, physical function and body composition. 

  • Tracy Crane, PhD, RDN (MPI)Christina Dieli-Conwright, PhD (MPI), and Jennifer Ligibel, MD (MPI)

  • University of Miami, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

  • Recruitment Status: Pending 

  • Clinical Trials Registration: Pending


NRG-CC012CD: Managing Symptoms and Psychological Distress During Oral Anti-Cancer Treatment

This is a NCI-funded and NRG-supported study for patients who are receiving oral chemotherapy treatments for cancer. This study will recruit from 12 cancer clinics across the U.S. and will utilize an automated telephone symptom reporting system to help the patients report their side effects from treatment to their healthcare team. Additionally, patients may receive a psychosocial intervention for elevated symptoms of anxiety and distress. 

  • Tracy Crane, PhD, RDN (MPI), 
    Alla Sikorskii, PhD (MPI), and Terry Badger, PhD (MPI)

  • Michigan State UniversityUniversity of Miami, University of Arizona

  • Recruitment Status: Anticipated January 2024

  • Clinical Trials Registration: Pending

The Comparative Effectiveness of Lifestyle Interventions for Older Cancer Survivors and their Caregivers 

This is PCORI-funded project to compare the effectiveness of a virtually supervised versus remotely monitored diet and exercise intervention on cognitive and physical function in cancers survivors older than 65 years and their caregivers . 

  • Tracy Crane, PhD, RDN (MPI) and Christina Dieli-Conwright, PhD

  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, University of Miam

  • Recruitment Status: Pending

  • Clinical Trials Registration: Pending

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Programa de Telemonitorización Domiciliaria para la Recuperación Funcional y Sintomática en Pacientes con Cáncer Sometidos a Cirugía Abdominal

  • Dra. Virginia Sun (PI), Dra. Tracy Crane (Co-I)

  • City of Hope y la Universidad de Miami

  • Este ensayo de fase III compara un programa de telemonitorización en el hogar que recopila información sobre los síntomas y los pasos diarios con la atención exclusiva del cirujano para mejorar la recuperación y prevenir las complicaciones dentro de los 30 días posteriores a la cirugía en pacientes con cáncer gastrointestinal, genitourinario o ginecológico que van a para someterse a una cirugía abdominal. . Esto puede ayudar a los médicos y enfermeras a encontrar y tratar los problemas a tiempo, lo que puede mejorar la recuperación del paciente y reducir la cantidad de complicaciones después de la cirugía.

  • Estado de reclutamiento: n/a


computer guy.PNG

Un análisis secundario del estudio LIvES (GOG 0225) utilizando procesamiento de lenguaje natural (NLP) y aprendizaje automático

  • Dra. Tracy Crane y Dr. Steven Bethard, (MPI)

  • Universidad de Miami y Universidad de Arizona

  • Este es un análisis secundario de las grabaciones de asesoramiento telefónico del estudio LIvES (estudio que evaluó intervenciones del estilo de vida para mejorar la supervivencia del cáncer de ovario), GOG 0225. Este análisis utiliza procesamiento del lenguaje natural y el aprendizaje de máquinas para automatizar la fidelidad del protocolo de asesoramiento y utilizar el análisis de emociones para mejor la predicción de cambios del comportamiento.

  • Estado de reclutamiento: n/a

Motivating to Exercise and Diet, and Educating to Healthy Behaviors After Breast Cancer (MEDEA)

This is a phase III randomized controlled trial of a weight loss intervention in breast cancer survivors to reduce fatigue. Having an elevated BMI is a risk factor for cancer-related fatigue, which is the most common symptom during and after cancer treatments. This 12-month weight loss intervention incorporates coaching on diet quality, physical activity, and overall healthy behaviors. 

  • Inez Vas Louis, MD (PI), Tracy E. Crane, PhD, RDN (Co-I), et al.

  • Gustave Roussy, Cancer Campus, Grand Paris

  • Recruiting Status: Actively recruiting via Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus

  • Clinical Trials Registration: NCT04304924


Implementation of an Electronic Health Record–Integrated Patient-Reported Outcomes Symptom and Needs Monitoring Pilot (My Wellness Check) in Ambulatory Oncology

My Wellness Check is a brief assessment, assigned to patients in the ambulatory oncology clinics at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, was designed to assess physical and psychologic symptoms and needs prior to appointments to triage them for additional supportive services. 

  • Frank Penedo, PhD (PI), Tracy E. Crane, PhD, RDN (Co-I)

  • University of Miami

  • Recruiting Status: N/A

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