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Fruits and Vegetables
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Meet the CRANE Lab

The CRANE Lab, led by Dr. Tracy E Crane, is a multi-disciplinary team of exercise and nutrition researchers.

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We pioneer evidence-based interventions to enhance lives across the cancer continuum, serving as a training ground for academics, clinicians, and students. Through groundbreaking research on diet and exercise, tailored solutions, innovative digital health programs, we champion the transformative potential of individuals.

What We Do

Supporting cancer survivors at all points of the cancer care continuum through research, community outreach and clinical support.


Resources & Support

Evidence-based guidance and helpful information for cancer survivors, their families, and the community.

Spotlight: eMerge Americas

Global tech minds meet at eMerge Americas, the leading conference driving innovation. Venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and tech pioneers from around the world gather in Miami, a vibrant and diverse city, for this unique event

Our team showcased the Veggie Meter, a noninvasive device that uses reflection spectroscopy to measure carotenoid pigments from the person’s finger. Carotenoids are a phytochemical found in many red, orange, and yellow fruits and vegetables; thus, higher carotenoid scores indicate higher vegetable and fruit intake from the past month. 

CRANE Lab in the News

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