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Strength: Upper Body Recipes

Elastic Band Exercises

Body Weight combo (coming soon)


15 minutes upper body workout (Level 1-2)

You will need:



Directions (standing):

- 10 shoulder press

- 10 upright row

- 10 push on the wall

- 10 triceps extension

- 10 biceps curl


Rest 60 sec between exercises

Repeat 2 times

15 minute banded workout (Level 2)

You will need:

-Resistance Bands


8-10 reps of each exercise

-Banded Chest Press

-Seated Rows

-Pull Aparts with completely straight arms

-Hammer Grip Bicep Curls

-Regular Tricep Extensions

Rest 60 sec between exercises

Repeat at least 2 times. 

Banded Upper body exercises

Banded Upper body exercises

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