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Dr. Tracy Crane NBC6 Interview: Cancer & Nutrition (May 2022)

Don't miss out! Watch Dr. Tracy Crane's interview with NBC6, where she addresses some of the common misconceptions in the field of cancer and nutrition. The internet is filled with misinformation, and the foods you should be eating are no exception to that.

Dr. Crane provides a great example on the misrepresentation of a healthy diet for cancer patients: one article recommends alcohol in the form of fermented grapes. However, empirical research suggests otherwise, that no alcohol should be consumed at all.

While many of the recommendations on the internet are valid, Dr. Crane stresses that the issue is when patients begin to try other potential non validated methods of eating that are not nutritionally sound or safe for the health of the patient.

For cancer prevention and for cancer survivorship, Dr. Crane highlights that a plant based diet high in green leafy vegetables, colored vegetables and fruits, and whole grains is recommended. She also recommends sticking to sites that have a .gov or a .org to ensure the information you are reading is correct!

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