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I flipped my whole entire family’s life upside down and changed it. I have two 9-year-olds and they now eat their vegetables. I really liked it because if you come out of cancer treatment and there is a study waiting for you, you have to embrace it. At first you try to modify your old lifestyle to fit the study, but you can’t. You have to change your lifestyle. The results are there for people who jump in 100%.

GR in Florida

I think everyone should have a guide after cancer. [Before the study] I never looked at the food label. I didn’t know walking was so important. [When] somebody is really helping you improve your life every day, you pay more attention to that person. I think [your team is great]., like they’re going to care about you. I wish I can go all the time to the hospital to tell everyone about my experience. I talk to my family about you. I talk to my coworkers that I spend 8 hours with, I tell them about you… You’re part of my family. Maybe you care about the cancer outcomes, but everything that you do--laughing, listening—that’s important.

VD in New Jersey

The opportunity to participate in the study has been a total blessing! After having been diagnosed with Stage III-C Ovarian Cancer in April of 2014, going through surgery and 6 months of Chemo, it was the first time that I was given a sense of having CONTROL over my disease. If changing my eating habits, and exercising more could possibly extend periods of recurrence, I was all in! Without the help of my nutrition coach, I’m not sure I’d have survived the change! The task of changing the way I ate, cooked, and shopped was daunting. Weekly, my coach would answer my questions, make helpful suggestions, send me recipes, and help me keep up with all of the changes. After 2 years, my grocery cart, pantry and cookbooks look completely different, and I have the tools & techniques I need to stay on track. In March, I will “graduate” from the 2-year program, and I feel that I can continue this healthy lifestyle. Now at my Primary Care check-ups, every test is within normal range, I’ve lost 40 pounds, and feel wonderful! And best of all, my CA-125 is NORMAL!!!

NH in Arizona, “fighter & 2 year survivor”

I believe the excellent coaching has helped me to survive and freed me from the stress of figuring out on my own how to eat and take care of myself, which gave me time to enjoy my life. I have loved being on the study and especially appreciated my coach taking the time to listen to me and get to know me personally.

TS in Utah

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