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A Community-Based  Training Program

for Cancer Survivors 

Train with us and get ready for the DCC XIV

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Lina, FL

Believe in You 2023-2024

The Believe in You program is a 19-week community-based program developed in collaboration with
the DCC to prepare cancer survivors and one caregiver for a 5-kilometer walk or 15 miles ride.
The program includes weekly in-person and virtual training sessions, self-administered workout sessions, and educational content on physical activity and nutrition.


Training sessions include a variety of modalities. There are also nutrition educational trainings that cover nutritional labels, portions and serving sizes, and added sugars.

In addition to the training sessions, participants received weekly newsletters that had a combination of exercise, nutrition, and wellness information.

Why is it important?

The recommendations on the American Cancer Society (ACS) guidelines on nutrition and physical activity
for cancer survivors had shown strong evidence of reducing the risk of recurrent or new cancers, reducing
mortality, improving quality of life, and helping with weight management. 

The Dolphins Challenge Cancer (DCC) is an annual fundraiser event that sets a 5-kilometer walk or a
minimum 15-mile ride challenge to all participants, where cancer survivors commonly participate. The
Believe in You training program was created as part of Sylvester’s Survivorship Program efforts to help
cancer survivors get prepared for the DCC and to help them meet the ACS guidelines recommendations
to improve health-related outcomes.

Believe in You Team


Do I have to register for the DCC to participate in this training program?

How does the training program work?

Do I have to pay to be part of the Believe in You program?

 Do I need medical approval to join this training program?

Can I bring a guest, such as a family member or friend to participate with me?

Do I need to have previous experience with any kind of training?

Yes! The purpose of this training program is specifically to train for the DCC.  Proof of registration for the DCC is required for participation in the training program.

The training program includes one weekly, in-person, Saturday workout session, access to weekly Zoom exercise sessions and weekly newsletters with relevant information.

No. The program is complimentary for a cancer survivor and a companion, signed up for a 5k or a 15 mile ride at the DCC.


You should always talk to your healthcare provider before starting a new training program, so we strongly encourage you to do so as soon as possible.


Yes! You are very welcome to invite a friend or family member to participate in this training program with you. Your companion has to be signed up to the DCC too.


No! You only need to show up. We will help you get from zero to hero! This program is designed to meet you where you are at and keep you motivated and supported right through the finish line.

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