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Why should I incorporate a whole Rainbow of exercises?


There is scientific evidence that different combinations of different kinds of exercises have distinct health benefits. Knowing how to combine them helps you see those benefits in a more quick and profound way.

What is the Train Your Rainbow series?

It is a physical activity guidance system to help you not only be more active, but to find activities that work for you. This is a simple, two-part system! You pick the Train Your Rainbow Plan that works for you, and then you use our library of color-coded Train Your Rainbow Exercises suggested by that plan.

1. Train Your Rainbow Plan - think of this like a meal plan, but for physical activities!

2. Train Your Rainbow Exercise - think of this like a recipe, but for specific exercises!

Put these together, and you have a personalized way to target the specific health benefits that are meaningful for you.

What makes the Train Your Rainbow series different?

Instead of simply working on muscle groups, these plans are intended to help you achieve specific health outcomes. Not everyone can afford or has access to a physical trainer or exercise physiologist, but everyone deserves to move and be active in a safe and meaningful way.

The Plans

Look for the plan that focuses on the specific health benefits you are looking for



Musculoskeletal pain

Coming soon:

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Train Your Rainbow plans can help!

Cancer has long-term effects on our health, and physical activity is strongly recommended at all stages of the journey. It can be challenging to add physical activity to your routine during this time, we know, so we want you to use your limited time and energy in the most focused and helpful way possible.

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